My Top 5 Apps for Instagram

January 25, 2019




Mini Bucks is all about Instagram. We promote our business partners, advertise their discounts, and tell our story through Instagram.  #instathankyou #minicity


Today I am sharing with you my favorite apps for Instagram. 





1. Repost app 

The name says it all. This app makes it super simple to repost anything from anyone and ​​copy the caption too.  We use it to repost our partners!





2. Instfit 


This app allows you to adjust any photo to fit into an Instagram square ​

withoutcropping it. 





3. Word Swag 


This app allows you to add awesome text to your photos in seconds.  ​

The image I'm using to promote this blog was made on Word Swag! 



4. Canva 


Canva is life! You can create and publish anything on Canva.  We use Canva for our freebies, ​​ graphics, e-mail headers, and more.  I even used it to create the invitation for my son​'s birthday party.  If you don't have time or the patience to design and create a graphic for your business (or birthday party), we can do it (shameless plug)! 



5. Planoly 


Planoly allows you to draft, schedule, and posts to Instagram for you. 





Want to learn more about these apps and how we use them? Be sure to sign-up for one of our virtual Instagram Workshops.  









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