Getting Started on a Health and Wellness Journey

December 26, 2018



Getting Started on a Health and Wellness Journey 


Trying to get healthier, lose weight, and just overall be happier are goals that all of us make at some point in the year.


And maybe you’ve been there before too; you make a big lofty goal, decide to make drastic changes in your lifestyle and vow never to look at sugar again. Fast forward two weeks and your goals have gone out the window, you feel like a failure and you aren’t sure how to keep motivated.


This month, we went and interviewed wellness experts to get their top tips for creating health goals that stick, how to overcome obstacles that hold you back and where to get the best discounts on health and wellness products and services that will help you with your individual goals.




Before you check out the tips, know that our experts also offer special discounts for our Mini City Members! Mini City helps connect parents with small businesses to get great discounts! If you aren’t a member yet, head over to sign up for the year! You’ll get all of the discounts listed at the end of the post AND more that you can check out on our site!



How to Get Started on a Health and Wellness Journey


Often, it’s the ‘start that stops us’. When tackling a new goal around our health and fitness we can feel paralyzed. Sometimes all we can see is how far we have to go and get scared to put that first foot forward.


So how do you get started on your journey? Check out these tips from experts!



Action Karate - Newtown 


“Find the time to take care of yourself so you can be there for the other people in your life. Your health is important!”



In Motion Personal Training 


“Don't worry about starting out with the perfect program. The most important thing when you first start is to just get your body moving and to find some exercises that you can both enjoy and that your body will benefit from. If you are over the age of 40 it's recommended to get your physician to sign off on beginning an exercise program.”



Believe in Your Power Coaching 


“Honestly determine your reasons for wanting to make these lifestyle changes; identify what is motivating you, what the benefits are and write them down! Then create a set of attainable, smaller goals that will act as the building blocks to achieving your long-term goal. Be realistic in your expectations, be patient with your progress and remind yourself daily of why this is important to you!”



Essentially Healthy Life 


“Take it one step at a time - don't try to make a ton of changes at once. That's a sure way to burn out! Instead, just pick one or two small habits to implement at a time for lasting success.Also make sure you celebrate all the little milestones along the way. Each step is getting you closer to your goal, and that's worth celebrating!”



The key lever to really making life long changes is to really gear into your why and make small and attainable goals. You set yourself up for failure when you try to overhaul everything at once, don’t really know why you are trying to make changes, or take on too much too fast!






How to Overcome Obstacles on Your Health and Wellness Journey.


When you decide you are ready to make changes, sometimes all obstacles seem to get in your way at once! It can feel like you’re never meant to be successful or that you won’t be able to make health changes.


I asked our health experts to help us with some of the top obstacles that they hear and how they would encourage you to push past them!


Obstacle #1 - "I don’t have the time to workout or be healthier."


The Burning Cookie 


“Put it on your schedule and make it a priority. All of us have multiple obligations in our lives and it is very easy to skip on taking care of ourselves sometimes. Putting it on your daily schedule and not filling that time slot with anything else can help you stay consistent and on track.”



Fit4Mom Central Bucks 


“Think about the time you watch tv hour long movie? You could have done a 30 min workout in that time, you’ll feel better and now a movie will feel like a reward!”



A Purpose Driven Mom 


“Start with some small goals and see some quick wins! Make a goal to get in 10 minutes a day of exercise for a week. After that, you can add 5 minutes each day and then 5 more! Before you know it, you’ll have created a long lasting habit that becomes a natural part of your life!”




Obstacle #2 - "I can’t seem to stick with it!"




“We all start out strong with our motivation and willpower, but then life happens or we have a bad day and you skip a day, or two, and eventually just fall back into old habits. If you can keep the reason you started in the forefront of your mind, you can tap back into that when you want to skip a day. What is your driving force? What do you want so bad that made you start this journey? Why is that important to you? Ask yourself those questions when you find yourself slipping.”


Be Well with Beth 


"People often tell me "I don't know why I'm not doing X, I just need to do it, I can do it."  While it is nice to have this intention, I always remind my clients that there is a reason they haven't done 'X' yet. Even a small barrier is a barrier. Go easy on yourself and reflect on what small changes you can make to take down your barriers."



Witt Pilates 


“Take it one step at a time.  You want to break down any goal into smaller pieces.  For example, if you don't drink any water don't set out the first day to drink 100 ounces.  Try doing 30 instead. Once you start mastering smaller goals you will see progress and the momentum will build!”


Total Soccer


"Make a plan and stick to it. Write down small reachable goals and add to it!"



SpireFit Training


"Once they go home after work, they get distracted with home duties so they don’t always get stuff done. I would suggest always keep a pair of sneakers and workout clothes in car so they can go right from work!"




Getting Started on a Health and Fitness Journey (on a budget!)


Another obstacle that often gets in the way of people getting started on their health and fitness journey is that they feel guilty investing in themselves, aren’t sure how to make it fit into their budget, or where to get the best deal on classes, services or products.


That’s where our Mini City partners come in!


Each of the experts featured in this post are offering an exclusive discount just for Mini City Members! For $25 a year, you can become a member and take advantage of ALL of these discounts and more!


If you are in Bucks County, PA, make sure you go to Mini Bucks County and sign up and, if you are in Philadelphia, head to our newest location Mini Philly!


Listed below are all of our experts in the area, their location AND a special discount you can take advantage of!




Business: In Motion Personal Training  



Location: Bucks County and NE Philly


Services Offered: One on one and small group training either in-home or at one of our gym locations. They create individually tailored programs that are designed with each client's short-term and long-term goals in mind. They couple the training with Wellness Coaching to help ensure that each client has the best chance for success. Their specialty is Post Rehabilitation. They can help you get back to doing all of your favorite activities whether you are coming back from a joint replacement, cardiac rehab or suffer from a chronic condition such as Parkinson's or Multiple Sclerosis.


Mini City Discount: For new clients starting before February 1st, 2019,  you can get a 10% discount on in-home training services.




Business: Action Karate (Newtown Location)


Location: Newtown, PA


Services: Martial Arts, Cardio Bag Workouts, Self Defense


Mini City Discount: Quick Start for $9.99 (uniform, 2 weeks of class)




Business: The Burning Cookie 


Location: Yardley, PA (and ships!!)


Services Offered: Sugar-free, grain-free, low-carb treats. All products are home made, with gluten-free ingredients, and keto-friendly.


Mini City Discount:  10% off all purchases




Business: Fit4Mom Central Bucks


Location: Central Bucks County, PA


Services: Fitness for mommas at any stage from stroller classes, barre to 8 week Boot Camp sessions


Mini City Discount: 15% off memberships





Business: Believe in Your Power Coaching 


Location: Doylestown, PA


Services Offered: Motivational coaching for health and wellness encompasses identifying goals, defining a strategy to achieve goals, and providing a safe environment to discuss and overcome obstacles that are barriers to success.


Mini City Discount: 10% Mini City Member discount; 15% discount on "New Year/New You" Coaching Packages purchased through 12/31/2018.






Essentially Healthy Living (DoTerra Wellness) - Laura Shaw 


Location: Ships Nationwide


Services Offered: Natural health and essential oil education so that you can confidently use natural solutions to help reach your health goals.


Mini City Discount: Joining as a wholesale customer you'll receive:

- 30-minute wellness consultation to assess your needs

- Additional consultation after receiving your first order to help you get started

- Optional monthly consultation to discuss ongoing essential oil needs

- Essential Oils support private Facebook group

- Welcome package to jumpstart your essential oil journey


Sign up with a cleanse and restore kit and get a 5ml Wild Orange Essential Oil as a BONUS!




Business: Vasayo with Jennifer Ward 


Location: Ships Nationwide


Services Offered: Disruptive health supplements with a proprietary delivery system to provide maximum absorption. These supplements help with energy, nutrition, weight loss, brain function, cellular detox, aging, joint support, and sleep. And in January, 2019 we will be adding liposomal CBD that will redefine the current CBD market.


Mini City Discount: We will be offering holiday specials regularly between now and the New Year




Business: A Purpose Driven Mom 


Location: Virtual Services


Services Offered: Virtual coaching for moms who want to create better systems and routines in their lives through e-books, courses and 1:1 sessions.


Mini City Discount: Grab the Healthy Transition 4 Week E-Course to start a healthier lifestyle for 60% off! Use the code MINICITY at checkout! 





Business: Be well with Beth 


Location: South Philadelphia


Services Offered: Nutrition counseling, nutrition classes, in-home services & fitness classes. Packages include an accountability pack, virtual grocery pack, and pregnancy & beyond pack.


Mini City Discount: Now offering 50% off of the virtual grocery package after your initial nutrition session.




Business: Witt Pilates


Location: Yardley, PA


Services Offered: Pilates, Spin & Barre classes


Mini City Discount: 10% off classes






Business: Total Soccer 


Location: Bucks County, PA


Services Offered: Professional Soccer Training


Mini City Discount: 15% OFF Mini City Members





Business: SpireFit Training


Location:  Lower Bucks County


Services Offered: Personal training, group training and small group classes


Mini City Discount: 10% off all year mini bucks members and 20% off any packages bought in January or February.




Still don’t have a Mini City membership??? Head over and grab yours! You’ll make back the cost of a YEARLY membership just by checking out even a few of our partners listed above!


Have any questions? Drop them in the comments!


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