Pro Tips: Getting Your House Holiday Ready

December 13, 2018


Our partners have great tips to get you and your home

ready for the holidays. You can enjoy them at a discount by becoming a Mini Bucks Member, CLICK HERE!




 Royal Touch Cleaning


With the holidays quickly approaching and family coming to visit the last thing on your “want to do list” is cleaning. Let’s face it, everyone puts cleaning off until the last minute. Hiring a professional can allow you to focus on the holidays and ensure your home is ready for all your guests. From carpet cleaning, to hardwood floors, upholstery, tile/grout and even your granite countertops - Royal Touch Cleaning has you covered. We’re your local cleaning professionals and we’re ready to get your home looking it’s best! It’s also a good idea to have your investments protected with with Scotchgard fabric and fiber protector. We can handle that for you as well. We all know that holiday celebrations can sometimes get a little messy, and when they do call the pros at Royal Touch Cleaning  267-338-6818



Leave it for Linda

Getting Ready for the Holidays/Hosting a Holiday Party:


  • Use your calendar/planner to map out the 4-5 weeks/weekends prior to the holidays and how you will utilize that time. Schedule when you will wrap, send your cards, bake your cookies, get your tree, go shopping for holiday meals, etc. 


  • Plan the meal a few weeks in advance. List out what you are going to eat from start to finish. Ask friends/relatives to help out by bringing one of the dishes.


  • Go food shopping a day or two before the holiday party and prep as much ahead of time as possible.


  • Check to make sure you have enough serving ware as needed. Check plates, utensils, napkins, table cloths, etc. The dollar store has a good selection.


  • Do a big clean BEFORE you put up your decorations and then spot clean where needed in the weeks following. Hire someone, if you can, to help you get this accomplished, or enlist the help of family/friends. 


  • Do as much setting up for the party the day before. Limit your stress and to-do list the day of as much as possible so you can enjoy the day and your family/friends. 


Ways In Which Leave it for Linda Can Help:


  • We provide gift-wrapping services for a small fee - drop off and come get your gifts within 48 hours! Last appointment date is December 19. 


  • Included in our organizing session rate is Removal of Unwanted Items! We will take your items for donations to donation centers or consignment shops at no additional cost to you. Any pre/post-holiday decluttering we can help you take care of!


  • Offering 10% off a session the last weekend in December - services include: decluttering, removal of unwanted items, shopping for needed supplies, setting up systems

  • ​Post-holiday un-decorating and putting into storage (inside decorations only) - January ONLY 10% discounted session



  • Bucks Ceramic Coating

  • Keeps things cleaner in between cleans

  • Hydrophobic properties keeps spilled liquids on top of surfaces preventing stains and etching.

  • Fingerprints wipe right offNo more harsh cleaning chemicals.

  • Environmentally safe (green).

  • Preserves shine and deepens gloss

  • Prevents rustingEase of clean

  • And much more! 

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