Fall Family Photos: Advice From Real Photographers

October 21, 2018

Now that we’re knee deep into fall, it’s time to get some great family photos taken in the best places in Bucks County!


The fall is the perfect time to get pictures in all of the surrounding parks, pictures with our kids playing in the leaves, engagement shots with some of the beautiful bridges in the background and get a jumpstart on pictures we can use for our family’s holiday cards.


If you’re like me, then you probably always have a ton of questions before a shoot and you’re not always sure what to wear, where to go, poses to use, or even how to find the best prices for a picture package!


Mini Bucks County has put together this great list of tips from our partners, real photographers that know that local area well, can help you piece together a great shoot, and not break the bank!







What to Wear for a Family Fall Photo Shoot


The number one questions (and Pinterest search) when it comes to family photographs is what to wear.


Do you get everyone to match? Should things coordinate? What about the weather? Will these colors go together? The list of potential wardrobe malfunctions is endless.


Jennifer Janikic of Jennifer Janikic Photography in Southampton, PA said said that “First and foremost you need to be comfortable. Anything that makes you feel beautiful will give you confidence to be in front of the camera. Colors I highly recommend are crimson, navy, violet, mustard yellow and burnt orange. These really pop. To coordinate outfits, Pinterest always has fabulous examples!”


Finding colors that coordinate can be super tough so creating a Pinterest board with inspiration should be your first stop! You can just search for outfit ideas and a ton will pop up! Start adding any images to your board of clothes and themes that you love or poses you’d love to try.


Heather Thomas of Heather Thomas Photography adds, “Do your best to coordinate without matching exactly. When styling a session, I like to start with a basic color palette and go from there. A few questions to ask yourself when choosing a palate :

What is the backdrop of the photo session? A local park or field?  Or perhaps a more urban or structural backdrop? What is the style/color of your home?
What is the personality of your family?


If you’re aiming to capture the laid back personality of your family, it wouldn’t make sense to go with formal attire for your little ones.

It can help to start with one “rock star” outfit that you love on a member of your family then pull more simple outfits in for the rest of the groups clothing or accessories. Let’s say you found a dress that you love on yourself. Is it a solid color or does it have a soft pattern? If your dress is blue or has blue tones, let’s complement it with ivory, gray or soft pinks.

Use a couple of the colors in the first outfit and tie in the rest of the set. You can do this with a neutral tone and add more color or try a softer palette that has different tonal ranges of the same shade. Pick out one of the tones in another person’s outfit and choose an accessory such as a statement necklace to complement. Keep it simple. One spot pattern is plenty.”



This will help make the shoot run smoother and give your photographer some ideas of the style you like. You can email them (or share the Pinterest board) in advance to help them really create the theme of your shoot!


Tips for Parents During Photo Shoots


As a mom of little ones, I know how hard it can be to get a great shoot with all of the kids looking in the same direction at the same time. At my daughter’s first birthday shoot, it was super tough to get her to stop trying to walk everywhere (a new skill she had learned).


Jennifer shared some tips and advice for parents for parents including; “If your kids feel like you are stressed or anxious, it will trickle down to them. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm and have fun! If your kids want to dance, play and throw leaves around, that’s exactly what they should do! They are kids! A great photographer will capture those special moments for you and one day you’ll look back and see the magic of their childhood. If you have fun, you’ll get those genuine smiles and gorgeous photos!”


As much as we want that perfect Christmas card, it’s so key to remember that our kids aren’t models and the outtakes will make hilarious stories to tell in the future! Heck, an ‘outtakes’ calendar even be a funny gag gift for the holidays or to put in your home to laugh about each month!


Heather adds, “Honestly, finding a photographer who is a natural around kids is a big bonus. It takes skill to work with kids of all ages and personalities. Allow the photographer to take the lead and give your kids directions. Bring smarties for the little ones and a bribe for the older ones. Have fun yourself! Be playful. Tickle and love on your partner or little ones. When they see you, the parent enjoying yourself and being relaxed, they will as well.”






Best Places In Bucks County for Family Pictures


Mini Bucks County did a survey in some Bucks County Mom Facebook groups to see the best places for shoots! Listed below were there favorite spots and some of our photographers favorite locations!


You can scout out these locations in advance to see if they fit the mood and theme you are looking for, if there is a specific place you’d love to get a shot, or even just to check their hours! Of course, your photographer will have a ton of ideas and know a lot of these details, so don’t hesitate to just ask them!



Bucks County Photographers and Discounts


There are so many amazing photographers in Bucks County and sometimes, it can be hard to sort through who really provides great value, take amazing pictures, and fits what you’re looking for.


At Mini Bucks County, we work to partner with some incredible small businesses to help support the community and bring parents great discounts!


As a member of Mini Bucks County, for just $20 a year, you get discounts from EVERY partner that we work with (and all that we add during the year!). Just by booking with one of our featured photographers, you’ll save the membership fee with the discount that they provide!


Check out our photography partners below and what discounts that they offer! If you like a photo, make sure you head over to their sites to see more! If you’re a member of Mini Bucks County, make sure you let them know when booking and if not, head over HERE right now and join us!


Metcalf Imagery

Mini Bucks County Members Discount:  15% off





You are My Sunshine Photography

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Created with Love Photography

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Jennifer Janikic Photography

Mini Bucks County Members Discount: 15% off a full session





Heather Thomas Photography

Mini Bucks County Members Discount: $50 off a session or 10% off a package





Sarah Anne Photography

Mini Bucks County Members Discount: 10% discount on a full session





Don’t forget to head over and become a member of Mini Bucks County before you book! We have a ton of other discounts for things from classes, fitness, food and more!


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